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Welcome to Firestone Wesleyan Church. Our mission is to have a Heart for God... a Heart for one another... a Heart for the world. We purpose to accomplish this by Fellowship through Christ's example, Instructing Christ's disciples through the Word, Reaching out to others through ministry, and Evangelizing out to others through Christ's Love.

COMING IN NOVEMBER… CBS (Thursdays @ 7 pm)… Veterans Sunday (11/9 @ am)… Pastor Appreciation (11/9 @ 6 pm)…  Family Feud series (continues through 11/16 @ am)… Wesleyan Women (11/10 @ 6:30 pm)… Gastonia Street Ministries (11/11 @ 7 pm)… Directors Meeting (11/14 @ 6:30 pm)… Youth Service Day (11/15 @ 10 am – 2 pm)… Young Adult Fellowship (11/15)… Seismic Shift series (continues @ pm)…  LBA (11/16 @ 4 pm)… BYF (11/18 @ 2:30 pm)… Prayer Rally (11/22 @ 7 pm)… Thanksgiving Sunday (11/23)… Community Meal (11/27)… Office Closed (11/27 & 28)… Advent (begins 11/30) and more…

SUNDAY NIGHT IS MOVIE NIGHT AT FWC (6pm)… Last month, we saw Left Behind, Part One. Now we will see Part Two – Tribulation Force. A band of believers, made up of Buck Williams (Kirk Cameron), Pastor Bruce Barnes (Clarence Gilyard), airline pilot Rayford Steele and his 20 year old daughter, embark on a dangerous journey to open the eyes of the world to the truth about the Antichrist. The youth will provide snacks and Chris Robinson will lead this service.

Pastor Roger is speaking in revival services today (through Wednesday) at Hayworth Wesleyan Church in High Point, NC. Your prayers for these services are appreciated.

NOVEMBER IS CAM MONTH for Firestone… During the month of November, we will be collecting can goods for Crisis Assistance Ministry of Gastonia. Jim Beck will our contact person. Open your heart, read the inserts and respond as unto the Lord.

TWO MORE SUNDAYS… to stop by the “well.” But don’t just visit… reach way down and give to help these very special outreach ministries. Thanks in advance for giving your best!

REVELATION BIBLE STUDY… Pastor Roger is taking us on a journey through what many call the “the most difficult book to understand in the Bible.” Join is on Wednesday’s in September and October (7pm) for a step by step walk through Revelation.  The study continues Wednesday (11/12) with “The Darkest Hour in the History of the World, Part 2.

TWO NEW SERIES… Pastor Roger will continue the "Family Feud" (am) and "Seismic Shifts" (pm). Family Feud addresses conflict resolution in relationships, including the family of God. Don't miss this four part series that will deal with the power to change the past, a formula for forgiveness and a cure for complaining. Also he is sharing a six part series for Sunday evenings. Learn how making small changes in the right places can set off a chain reaction that will redefine your life; in expanding faith, increasing joy, bringing health and rest, enriching relationships, creating contentment and impacting the world around you.

PARKING RESTRICTIONS… We will once again ask that you not park behind the church on Wednesday nights. This very serious request is for the safety of our children and youth, as they share in activities between their buildings and the church in that area. We appreciate your compliance and any adjustments made or potential inconveniences. Thank you!

DID YOU KNOW OUR SERVICES ARE ON LINE? Click here to visit our webcast page and watch past Sunday services.
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