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Welcome to Firestone Wesleyan Church. Our mission is to have a Heart for God... a Heart for one another... a Heart for the world. We purpose to accomplish this by Fellowship through Christ's example, Instructing Christ's disciples through the Word, Reaching out to others through ministry, and Evangelizing out to others through Christ's Love.

COMING IN OCTOBER… Communion (10/5 @ 10:25 am)… Wesleyan Men (10/7 @ 6:30 pm = new night!)… CBS (Thursdays @ 7 pm)… Youth Car Wash/Sale (10/11)… Holiness Conference w/Lane Loman (10/12 @ 10:25 am/6 pm through 10/15 @ 7pm)… Wesleyan Women “Give Away” (10/18 @ 8 am-noon)… Family Feud series (begins 10/19 @ am)… Seismic Shift series (begins 10/19 @ pm)… (LBA (10/19 @ 4 pm)… WM/Trip to Oak Island (10/21-25)… BYF (10/21 @ 2:30 pm)… Trunk or Treat (10/25)… and more…

A NEW WEDNESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY… Pastor Roger is taking us on a journey through what many call the “the most difficult book to understand in the Bible.” Join is on Wednesdays in September and October (7pm) for a step by step walk through Revelation. This Week: “The Judgment Announced by the Seven Trumpets” (7:1-9, 21; 8:1-6).

SEPTEMBER 28 IS CHILDREN’S SUNDAY… Our student ministries will be featured in this morning’s worship service. In particular, our children will share. You will be blessed by their ministry. We want our children to be blessed by knowing they are a vital part of our church today. Cyndi Wolford and her team will lead the service, but the climax of the day will be baptism of several of our boys and girls who made decision this past summer (camps/VBS) to be a follower of Jesus.

GIDEONS INTERNATIONAL… During the evening service on Sept. 28, we will highlight one of our US-based ministries, Gideons. There is no greater gift than the Word of God. Reggie Kimray, Stephanie Robinson’s father, will be our guest speaker. Find out how you can be involved in sharing Bibles with others through a variety of venues. Don’t miss this special 6pm service.

NEXT SUNDAY… Join us for a very special Sunday morning worship service. This past year at our annual District Conference, our delegates witnessed a deeply moving worship service. Every year, we share the Lord’s Supper together, but this year was different. We will share that same format with our church family at Firestone next Sunday in the 10:25 am service. Pray with us that God will move in our midst during this time. Don’t miss the service that everyone will be talking about later.

HOLINESS CONFERENCE IS COMING OCTOBER 12-15…  Do you desire to go deeper in your spiritual walk with the Lord? Of course, all of us. But sometimes we lack the “spiritual energy” to take the next step. Annually, in the Fall, we host what we call a Holiness Conference. Rev. Lane Loman is our guest speaker. Pray, reserve these dates (6 pm/M-W), invite, come and be blessed. Our monthly service with Gastonia Street Ministries will not be held this month due to the schedule conflict with this event. We will return on November 11th.

TWO NEW SERIES COMING IN OCTOBER... On Sunday, October 12th, Pastor Roger will introduce "Family Feud" (am) and "Seismic Shifts" (pm). Family Feud will address conflict resolution in relationships, including the family of God. Don't miss this four part series that will deal with the power to change the past, a formula for forgiveness and a cure for complaining. Also he will share a six part series on Sunday evenings. Learn how making small changes in the right places can set off a chain reaction that will redefine your life; in expanding faith, increasing joy, bringing health and rest, enriching relationships, creating contentment and impacting the world around you.

PARKING RESTRICTIONS… We will once again ask that you not park behind the church on Wednesday nights. This very serious request is for the safety of our children and youth, as they share in activities between their buildings and the church in that area. We appreciate your compliance and any adjustments made or potential inconveniences. Thank you!

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